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We create beautiful hairstyles for all of our clients.  When you leave DOMINICAN STYLISTS, you will never be disappointed.  Here is a gallery of our clients and some before and after photos.  You can find even more styles on our SPECIAL STYLES page.


ds after1.jpg
ds after.jpg
ds after2.jpg
ds before1.jpg
ds keratin1-before.jpg
ds keratin1-after.jpg
ds before.jpg
ds brazilian after.jpg
ds pinned2.jpg
ds pinned1.jpg
salon - 041915.jpg
salon - after041815 - left(4).jpg
salon - after 041815.jpg
salon - after 041815(3) side.jpg

Dominican Stylists Beauty Salon


220 Line Street

Easton, Pennsylvania 18042


Natural Hair is One of our Specialities

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