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Dominican Stylists Beauty Salon is a full service salon that specializes in the care hair of women of color.  We care for your hair in the traditional methods used by our Dominican ancestors.  Our specialties include natural and relaxed hair.


Dominican Stylists was founded in May 2007. We sought to fill a need in the Easton/Lehigh Valley community.  We wanted to help the ladies in the Lehigh Valley look their best at all times.


Since that time, we have expanded the salon, and installed eight hood hair dryers.  We use the best hair care products; products that work well with our hair.  All of these things create a pleasant, quick and professional experience.


Hi, I'm Yolanda.  I am the owner of Dominican Stylists Beauty Salon in Easton, PA.  I opened the salon in 2007 to provide quality, yet affordable, hair care services to Eastonians.  After arriving here from New York, I realized there was a need for our type of service.  To fill that need, I decided to open my hair salon, Dominican Stylists Beauty Salon.


I have a total of 12 years experience as a licensed hair stylist.  Three of those years in New York City.


Come and visit us to experience an unique hair care experience.  After your visit, come back to share a photo, leave a comment or video on our Contact Us page.  Share your experience on Yelp. 



Dominican Stylists Beauty Salon


220 Line Street

Easton, Pennsylvania 18042


Natural Hair is One of our Specialities

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